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How To Clean A Saw Blade

3 Ways To Clean A Saw Blade When you’re getting started woodworking with a circular saw, you can encounter some problems. Frequently, our first cuts with the circular saw aren’t perfect. The saw blade may not have gone quite straight. The wood might have pinched it, causing it to smoke and burn. Now your new …

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Circular Hand Saw

Choosing A Circular Saw So, you’re choosing a circular saw for the first time. Awesome! Buying new tools is one of my favorite activities. At least until I get to the store and realize there are dozens of options. I find myself feeling like a small child in a candy store, unable to make a …

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How to buy wood

How To Buy Wood When learning how to get started woodworking, you will soon take the much-anticipated trip to the lumberyard or the specialty hardwood store to buy the stock for your first project. Learning the Lumberyard Lingo Buying wood for the first time can be a daunting experience. I didn’t know there’s an entirely different jargon that goes …

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