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"Some of us long to have at least something, somewhere, which will give us harmony and a sense of durability—I won’t say permanence, but durability—things that, through the years, become more and more beautiful, things we can leave to our children." ~ James Krenov

We offer valuable information and resources for beginning woodworkers that will help you be successful and have fun making things from wood.

There are a lot of questions that come up when beginning woodworking; our blog posts are loaded with advice, tips, and reviews to help you get started fast.

Come with me, and discover all the fantastic things you can do with wood.

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Latest Posts

What is a jigsaw used for

What Is A Jigsaw For

By Greg | April 17, 2020

What Is A Jigsaw For? Jigsaws are quite possibly the most versatile wood cutting tool you can own. With a jigsaw, you can cut straight lines and complex curves. You can also make bevel cuts up to 45° in a straight line and even in curves. Wood is not the only material you can cut […]

What is a table saw

What Is A Table Saw

By Greg | March 26, 2020

What Is A Table Saw? I’m writing this post to give beginner woodworkers a solid understanding of the table saw. Did you know there are 6 different types of table saws? We will also drill into the standard table saw parts and terms, and consider accessories available for the table saw. Of course, we need […]

How To Clean A Saw Blade

3 Ways To Clean A Saw Blade

By Greg | March 3, 2020

3 Ways To Clean A Saw Blade When you’re getting started woodworking with a circular saw, you can encounter some problems. Frequently, our first cuts with the circular saw aren’t perfect. The saw blade may not have gone quite straight. The wood might have pinched it, causing it to smoke and burn. Now your new […]

About Circular Saw Blades

About Circular Saw Blades

By Greg | February 22, 2020

About Circular Saw Blades   “Oh my gosh! There are a zillion different circular saw blades out there! Which circular saw blade do I need?” No matter what saw you have in your possession, the saw blade is the main feature that will affect how well you can cut wood. 2 Questions To Ask About […]

Circular Saw Reviews

Corded Circular Saw Review

By Greg | February 11, 2020

Corded Circular Saw Review Thanks for stopping by how to get started! I just finished writing a post on “Choosing a Circular Saw.” So I wanted to follow-up with this set of reviews for my favorite circular saw brands. I know it can be a headache trying to make the best purchase when there […]

Circular Hand Saw

Choosing A Circular Saw

By Greg | February 3, 2020

Choosing A Circular Saw So, you’re choosing a circular saw for the first time. Awesome! Buying new tools is one of my favorite activities. At least until I get to the store and realize there are dozens of options. I find myself feeling like a small child in a candy store, unable to make a […]

Best Woodshop Vacuum Systems

Best Woodshop Vacuum Systems

By Greg | December 23, 2019

Best Woodshop Vacuum Systems In my last post, we looked at the Beginner Woodworking Tool List. Every tool, except for the shop vacuum, is going to make some kind of dust that you need to clean. Maintaining a healthy woodshop environment might be the best first step in evaluating which tools you purchase. As you […]

beginner woodworking tool list

Beginner Woodworking Tool List

By Greg | December 6, 2019

Beginner Woodworking Tool List Here at, I realized it was time to make a solid list of woodworking tools for beginners. A lot of people are asking, “What tools do I need to start woodworking?” Or, “What are the basic power tools for woodworking?” Of course, you don’t need to purchase all of these […]

Dewalt Cordless Drill Review

Dewalt Cordless Drill Review

By Greg | November 16, 2019

Dewalt Cordless Drill Review Are you searching for a cordless drill? Finding a cordless drill is the easy part. Deciding which of the hundreds available, it is best for you can be a time and labor-intensive task. Here at, one of our goals is to make getting started easy. No other tool in modern […]

Beginner Woodworking Projects

Excellent Beginner Woodworking Projects and Plans—Book Reviews

By Greg | November 16, 2018

Beginner Woodworking Projects and Plans Here at How To Get Started Woodworking, I think it is vital to help you find good basic/beginner woodworking projects. After my fiasco with purchasing Ted’s Woodworking Plans, I thought I’d better get some quality information out to you that will be useful. It’s not hard to waste several hours on Google trying to […]

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