Dewalt Cordless Drill Review

Dewalt Cordless Drill Review

Are you searching for a cordless drill? Finding a cordless drill is the easy part. Deciding which of the hundreds available, it is best for you can be a time and labor-intensive task. Here at, one of our goals is to make getting started easy.

No other tool in modern history has been more popular than the portable electric drill. The cordless electric drill is no exception, and it is only becoming more and more versatile.

Choosing a drill can take a lot of your time. To save you the difficulty, here is my review of a high-quality cordless drill made by Dewalt. The DeWALT DCD777C2 is an excellent tool and a good value. I will also take some time to talk about different aspects of this cordless drill, such as the motor, clutch, chuck, and battery.

You can rarely go wrong with a DeWalt tool. The company has been in business since 1922 and is known for its high-quality products. Just take a look around any construction site, and you will undoubtedly see the characteristic yellow tools of all types present.

What This Cordless Power Drill Can Do

The DEWALT DCD777C2 20V Max Brushless Compact Drill Driver with a Lithium-Ion Battery is a superb value. I have chosen to recommend this tool to beginning woodworkers because of its durable, lightweight construction, power, and versatility.

This tool is excellent for drilling in wood, plastic, composite materials, and metals. It will serve you well with your beginning projects. This drill faithfully drives 3-inch deck screws when you're ready to take on a hefty task like a new outdoor deck.

The DeWALT DCD777C2 is not a hammer drill, so be aware. If you know you need to drill holes in concrete or masonry, a hammer drill such as the DEWALT 20V MAX Hammer Drill Kit (DCD985M2) will be a better choice. Since my focus is on woodworking, I recommend the non-hammer version.

DeWALT DCD777C2 Specifications

Battery: Lithium-Ion batteries are lighter weight, do not have a "memory," and are the most technologically advanced batteries on the market. This drill uses the Dewalt 20V MAX lithium-ion battery system.

Chuck size: The 1/2 chuck enables you to use the broadest range of drill bits. 1/16th to 1/2 inch shank.

Type of Chuck: This Plastic Ratcheting Keyless Chuck makes changing drill bits quick and easy.

Clutch: 15 clutch settings adjust the power the drill uses to put in a screw. For example, you would set the clutch selector to a very low number when putting a screw in a soft material like drywall. Use a much higher clutch setting number when placing screws in solid oak.

Rpm's: Variable speed from 0 to 1600 revolutions per minute

Weight: The tool weight without the battery is 2.6 pounds.

Type of case: Contractor bag.


  • Three years limited
  • One year Free Service
  • 90-day money-back guarantee

Brushless Motor Vs. Brushed Motor

What does brushless mean? Well, here is a super quick rundown on the functioning of an electric motor. All electric motors require there internal "Motor windings" to be energized with the electricity to work. Older electric motors had small "brushes" that would make contact with the inner workings of an electric motor to deliver the power. Newer Electric motors are constructed to eliminate brushes, and electricity is distributed through a commutating encoder. A device that replaces the brushes and doesn't wear down.

Brushed motor Pros:

  • Simple technology
  • Low cost

Brushed Motor Cons:

  • Noisy
  • Require more maintenance due to the brushes wearing out.
  • Not as efficient

Brushless Motor Pros:

  • No brushes to wear out-- Low maintenance
  • Very efficient

Brushless Motor Cons:

  • More sophisticated technology--more expensive

Brushless Motors are 10 to 15% more efficient than brushed motors; this means that more electricity is converted into useable rotating power than heat.

Cordless Drill Batteries

Your cordless drill is only as good as the battery that powers it. There are three types of batteries that are most common in cordless drills. The oldest is the Nickel Cadmium (NiCd) battery. You will rarely find these in new cordless drills, but they are quite durable and tolerate temperature extremes very well. They are inexpensive and have a lifespan of about one thousand charges, which is hard to beat. Nickel-cadmium batteries are kind of quirky, so you will need to keep an eye on a proper storage and maintenance plan to get the most from them.

Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH) Batteries  offer some features that are better than the older NiCd batteries. They can store two or three times more energy than NiCad batteries, weigh less, and are better or the environment. However, similar to NiCd batteries, you will need to follow manufacturer recommendations for charging and storage carefully. NiMH batteries cost less than Lithium-Ion batteries.

Lithium-Ion batteries (Li-Ion) are the newest battery type. They are lighter, Store more energy, and hold a charge longer with less charging time. Li-Ion batteries do not require the level of maintenance that the other two types require. The only caution is don't store them in a place that is too hot, which is over 130 degrees Fahrenheit. The best temperature for storing batteries is about 60 degrees Fahrenheit.

DeWALT is using the lithium-ion battery in the DCD777C2 20V Max Brushless Compact Drill Driver.

The Final Word

Choosing a DeWALT DCD777C2 20V Max Brushless Compact Drill Driver as your first portable electric drill purchase is something I can recommend without reservation. The quality of lightweight construction and well-balanced design combined with 20 V power delivered by the lithium-ion batteries, make this an excellent tool value.

Whenever I buy tools, I look for the benefit of a "combo" purchase. The drill in this review comes with two batteries, a charger and contractor bag to carry it in. I have found this type of deal to be the best value, especially when considering the individual purchase price of a single battery and carrying case.

No matter what cordless tool you acquire, always get two batteries. You also will never regret getting a proper carrying case as part of the deal.

I would love to hear from you if you bought the drill I just reviewed.

Do you want to know about other tools? Please drop me a note in the comment section!

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Thank you for sticking with me to the end!

10 thoughts on “Dewalt Cordless Drill Review”

  1. Thank you so much for this awesome review! I work at a wood plant and we get to take home extra wood. Because of this I have taken up a wood working hobby! I’ve been needing the right tools and this drill looks and sounds great!  I’ve been making plans of building tables out of wood. Do you think this drill would be good for that?

  2. I have worked six years in a company that installed industrial size conveyers, warehouses and other stuff. Cordless drill was one of our most essential tools. We used them all the time and had several at hand at all times. And they come very handy for home use, too.

    We used a different brand (Milwaukee), but I worked with DeWalt as well, when we cooperated with another company that had them. Both are very high quality, just have a sufficient battery capacity. For home use 2 or 3 Ah is enough.

  3. It is really not easy to look for a good cordless drill out of hundreds of different brands, I want to say well done for taking your time to do this research and review.

    This review is well organised, comprehensive and has all the details I need in order for me to make a well informed decision about this drill. I’m loving this drill already.

  4. Hello Greg.

    Thanks for this complete review on Dewalt Cordless Drill.

    You really gave so much information about this drill on this review and I think this drill is really excellent. Just a quick question; can you please tell me how long will the battery last when being used? I mean how many hours? Thanks.

    1. Hi Techie! Thanks for your kind words and question!

      The charge in the battery will vary depending on how much load or effort is required of the drill. (Copied from my reply to Bella) “For example, drilling 1/8 inch holes in soft wood the battery could continue to work for a couple of hours. If you are driving 3 inch deck screws into heavy treated lumber, then the battery may only last an hour. It all depends on the type of use. These Lithium-ion batteries are the best on the market right now so I doubt you will be disappointed in any way.”

  5. Working with wood has been a fun thing since I was really small because my dad was a into making woodworks and frames generally. Since then I have had an interest in making some small things on my own for my house. Getting this equipment is quite a task because i don’t know which one is good enough. I have a wireless drill in my storeroom, but it makes a lot of noise and serious vibration when working with it and my kids don’t even attempt to use it. Hope the dewalt drill makes a difference.

  6. I am searching for a good hand drill for my husband who newly got the habit of making things from wood. It’s been a form of weekend activity for him and the kids, and that’s how I stumbled on this post. I know a bit about hand drills, but I’m more particular about the battery life of this one, how good is it?

    1. Hello Bella, I am sure your husband would find this drill very useful! It is a very high quality tool. The battery itself should last for 3-5 years depending on how heavily it is used and how many times it is recharged. After each full battery charge, the length of use varies depending on the type of work you are doing. For example, drilling 1/8 inch holes in soft wood the battery could continue to work for a couple of hours. If you are driving 3 inch deck screws into heavy treated lumber, then the battery may only last an hour. It all depends on the type of use. These Lithium-ion batteries are the best on the market right now so I doubt you will be disappointed in any way.

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